Connection and Coexistence Retreat 🌞 Fall 2021

espacio a knows that there must come a time to pause and break from “school” to maintain the cognitive and affective wellbeing of students. Mid-semester, the entire espacio a community goes on a three-day retreat to a natural location. During the retreat, students can pause to reconnect with themselves and ask: Where am I? Where do I want to go? Students play, socialize, rest, and restore their energies. 🌳

This year retreat's was at the Center of Leonismo Puertorriqueño in Barranquitas. The student-led retreat committee planned and organized the retreat activities with the input and collaboration of the community through democratic meetings. Students engaged in fun, creative, active, and reflexive activities:  basketball, art, a video game competition, a scavenger hunt, self-awareness dynamics, a water balloon challenge, board games, karaoke, cooking, and a bonfire. Students also had the opportunity to participate in a Survival Workshop with Manuel Mercado and a Safe Sexuality Conversation Session with Mónica Cerchi, Michelle Guzmán, and Eduardo Kareh.

It's safe to say students and teachers had a blast! 🎉

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