Our Pillars

Democratic Education

Democracy in espacio a means that every community member has a voice and a vote. Students actively participate in the co-creation of their learning community; time spent in espacio a is not rigid or pre-determined.

Students are tasked with leading their paths, choosing the subjects and topics discussed in classes, workshops, clubs, field trips, committees, and activities.

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Self-Directed Learning

Developing the skills to become self-directed learners enables students to be lifelong learners.

We live in a rapidly changing and evolving technological, environmental, political, and social environment. Providing students with the space to take ownership and responsibility for their learning path is crucial to prepare them for the world we live in today. 

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Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication centers on needs recognition and acknowledging that everyone has universal needs.

espacio a students develop the tools to practice communicating and behaving nonviolently

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Financial Education

When students develop financial literacy skills, they are empowered to set financial goals, make intelligent decisions, and increase their likelihood of financial stability as adults.

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"Having a voice within the community makes me feel heard."
A3 student