Maintaining a harmonious and healthy learning environment depends on knowing how to coexist within a diverse environment. espacio a’s 10 values guide students in learning how to respect differences, resolve conflicts nonviolently, and be intentional with their words and actions.

I value and respect my word.

I use verbal or non-verbal communication that is not violent or offensive.

I contribute to maintaining a harmonious and noise-free environment (verbal or non-verbal) 

I take care of, organize, and clean the community’s materials and spaces.

I have empathy and demonstrate solidarity with those that surround me. 

I am aware of my manners.

I respect when someone tells me to STOP.

I participate, contribute, and have a voice.

I am responsible for my learning.

Student Groups


11 - 14 YEARS OF AGE

15 - 18 YEARS OF AGE

*Ages 10/11 and 14/15 are transition years.

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Student:teacher Ratio




democratic meetings


A student’s success in life is not only determined by their cognitive abilities and acquired knowledge. At espacio a, we understand that the XXI century demands more compassion, self-awareness, communication, and resilience. Three times a week, students at espacio a are given the space, time, and tools to develop these personal, social, and emotional competencies; while continuing their practice of the school’s pillars.

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Wednesday Programs

espacio a knows that students don’t learn solely in the classroom. At espacio a, students are encouraged to recognize learning opportunities in the most unexpected places and pause to experience the joy of sudden moments of meaningful learning. Every Wednesday, half of the school day is dedicated to multidisciplinary programs that offer students more opportunities to learn in and for life. The programs have components of espacio a’s pillars, offering students more spaces to deepen their understanding and practice of democratic education, self-directed learning, nonviolent communication, and financial literacy.

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