Wednesday Programs

Knowing Old San Juan

Knowing Old San Juan is a program dedicated to providing students with the opportunities to discover, inquire, and appreciate the city campus of espacio a. Students learn about the history, businesses, cultural events, and touristic importance of Old San Juan, encouraging them to engage with their immediate surroundings.

Knowing espacio a

Knowing espacio a is a program that aims to hone in on the skills and practice of espacio a’s pillars. Through activities, games, and workshops, students deepen their understanding and become masters of democratic education, self-directed learning, nonviolent communication, and financial education.

Field Trips

Field Trips are planned every month to delve deeper into students’ interests. Through a democratic voting process, students choose where and what experiences would enhance their learning and support their goals. Some field trips include the entire community, while others might be with smaller groups. Outings are fun opportunities to apply and practice knowledge hands-on.

Workshops, Conversation Sessions & Guest Speakers

Organized once a month on a rotation basis, students determine the topics learned about or discussed in workshops and conversation sessions, while guest speakers attend to the interests and curiosities of the students. Speakers and facilitators at espacio a are professionals that generously share their knowledge with the community. They may visit the school, or students could travel to other locations and experience the workshops or conversation sessions in places that add context to their learning.