Student Groups


Students demonstrate a natural inclination towards learning and exploring at this age. Students determine their central topics of interest which are then incorporated into Science, History, English, Spanish, Music, Technology, and Art classes to name a few. Learning Centers, students enrich their  through experiential, individual, and collective study. At this stage, there is a focus on helping students develop self-confidence, respect, love of learning, and healthy community living.


Building on the base laid out in a1, students in a2 begin to deepen their understanding of knowledge. They seek out justice and morality and can consider abstract and complex ideas. At this stage, students are given the opportunity to design their class schedule based on their interests and goals. While Math, English, and Spanish are always present in their programs, students may study these subjects independently via self-directed learning projects.


Students in a3 are at the tail end of their journey at espacio a. At this stage, they seek to be valued, recognized for their efforts, and autonomous. They begin to trace their future path, whether that be vocational, academic, or other, with the guidance of their advisor and graduation committee. The years in a3 are opportunities for students to complete internships, take on jobs, travel, and complete projects that help them fortify their leadership and self-directed learning skills while preparing them to succeed in their next steps after espacio a. 

Mixed-Age Classes

espacio a prioritizes a student’s academic and social skills more than their age. Accordingly, students are not arbitrarily placed in a1, a2, or a3 classes because of their age. It is common to see academically advanced a1 students take courses with a2 students. Similarly, a2 and a3 students regularly learn together in class. 

Community Building

Students participate and interact with peers of all ages during Democratic Meetings, Wednesday Programs, Committees, and other activities related to the espacio a model. This provides students multiple opportunities to learn to value the wisdom, knowledge, and curiosities inherent in all stages of life and learning processes.